I know it’s been mentioned on many blogs all over the web, but I just CANNOT get over Pretty Little Liars’ casual treatment of teenagers dating 20-somethings.  In no way is this okay behavior, ESPECIALLY when it’s a high school girl and her freaking English teacher.
*Spoiler Alert if you’re not up to date on the show*
I know Aria and Ezra (the teacher) aren’t dating anymore, but now she has her new boyfriend Jake, who I believe is also in his 20’s.  He knows that Ezra is her ex and he seems totally unfazed by the fact that she dated her teacher…he’s more concerned with said teacher “letting her move on”.  I guess when you’re an older man blind to the age difference between yourself and your teenager girlfriend, you’re also blind to the age difference between her and her ex, and the extreme inappropriateness of their student/teacher relationship.
It may be a bit nit-picky to dwell on this one particularly unbelievable part of the show when it’s centered around an all-knowing yet uncatchable villain who is an expert at framing people for crimes.  I don’t care.  Although I will add that the Liars would probably be a lot harder to stalk if they occasionally thought to CLOSE THE DARN CURTAINS.  Honestly half of A’s intel is gathered just from watching them through windows.  COME ON GIRLS – WINDOWLESS ROOMS!  And then just write things down in case there’s a bug.  The stalking has gone on for several seasons now – you would think they would learn.  Somehow all my screaming at the TV has done NOTHING to help them.  Weird.