I wrote a whole post about WHY I’m writing a blog without writing anything about who I actually am.  Smart.  Great start.
I don’t really want to put a whole lot about myself but here are the basics:
Name: Mallory
Age: Late 20’s.  Let’s keep it ambiguous in case I get to 30, turn into my sister, and decide to lie about my age.
Location: Phoenix, AZ suburb – gotta love that dry heat!
Relationship Status: Informally married.  Just need that pesky marriage license thing to make it “formal”.
Children: None.  It will stay that way for a while.  However, I do have a puppy who is not quite a year old named Belle.  She was adopted and is a mix of indeterminate breeds.  Nobody really knows what combo she is.  I like to call her an evolutionary marvel, because whatever she is, it’s a mix that I’m not allergic to.  I am allergic to all things furry.  This whole buying a puppy thing was VERY ill-advised.  It just happened to work out for us.  There will be many many pictures of Belle.  I am obsessed with her.
Reading for pleasure (NERD ALERT).  Most of what I read is fiction.  And not like literary fiction that wins awards and enhances the mind.  I like entertaining fiction.  Sometimes I read things that are actually educational.  It’s a rare occurrence.
Television: I watch a lot of it.  A LOT.  My DirecTV bill is HUGE.  And I add Netflix and Hulu Plus on top of that, just to be sure I don’t miss anything, ever.  Future posts will include everything I watch that is currently on, things that used to be on that everyone should watch someday, shows that are infinitely rewatchable, etc.
Drinking:  Let’s be up front about it – I like alcohol!  A nice vodka tonic is my drink of choice these days.  I can promise that many posts I write will possibly be with a vodka tonic in hand.  I don’t have a problem though, I swear.  I just enjoy drinking socially.  Drinking with my AlmostHusband and my puppy is considered social, right?  Oh also my dog loves drinking too.  She prefers rum and coke, specifically Captain Morgan and Pepsi Max.  AlmostHusband lets her drink out of his cup.  I find this gross.  Belle finds it awesome.
Home decorating:  This started recently.  I don’t know if it was caused by too much HGTV or Pinterest or what…apparently after watching enough episodes of “Love it or List it”, you just CANNOT stop the urge to redecorate your house.  At least I can’t.  I’ve gotten really good at shopping online for deals though!  So there’s that.
That’s probably enough info for now.  If not, oh well.  I’m tired of writing about myself.  Aaaaand I’m out!