Now that it’s been a few weeks since most of the new shows of the season began, I feel like it’s time to let you know what I think of them so far.  Some are great, some are good, some I hate, and some I’ve completely forgotten about, so that’s not a good sign, but it could turn around.

Then there are the new shows that are either premiering in the next few weeks or will premiere in January.  Of those, I can definitely say I’ve completely forgotten what each one is about and why I wanted to check them out.  This is the problem with TV networks announcing what their new shows are going to be for the year when they don’t plan on debuting some of them for months.  How are you supposed to stay excited about something for that long?  We live in a short attention span society and it does not favor long lead times.  Speaking of long lead times…without further ado, a quick look at the new fall shows!

The Good (in no particular order):

Witches of East End – I wrote a post about why you should watch this new show, and I stand by it after having seen the second episode.  The show didn’t waste any time getting to the meat of its story, which is the daughters finding out that they’re witches and dealing with what that means.  Plus now they know they’ve had multiple past lives, so there will be no shortage of stories to tell about what they’ve done before and how those choices will inevitably affect them now.  I can’t wait to see what kind of fun witchy drama they’ll come up with during this season.

The Blacklist – Honestly the only reason this show is filed under The Good is James Spader.  He makes this show worth watching.  I’m pretty sure if any other actor were in his role, I would have gotten bored with/given up on this drama by now.  But Spader is just so excellent with his acting, I don’t even mind that I’m basically watching a cop procedural.  I’m definitely going to need the pace of the overall story arc to pick up a bit to keep me interested long term, but for now Spader’s performance is enough.

james spader on the blacklist


Agents of SHIELD – Speaking of an actor’s performance being enough to watch a show, Agents of SHIELD has the opposite problem: I keep wishing that a different actor, almost anyone at all, was playing the character of Agent Ward.  Okay not just anyone at all…I wish it was the fantastic Enver Gjokaj (gesundheit?), who I’m 100% sure could bring more life to Agent Vanilla than the actor who’s currently (not) playing him.  If you’ve never watched Dollhouse, check out this video…it’s super long so you don’t have to watch all of it, but just skip around and get a sense of Enver’s range:

See how he seems like totally different people from one scene to the next?  He’s doing this thing called acting, which you would think our current Agent Ward would know how to do considering his MFA in acting from freaking Yale Drama.  I don’t know, maybe he was focused more on getting a good education than actually learning how to act?  I’m very confused.  What was I talking about?  Oh right how Agents of SHIELD is actually good.  I got sidetracked by the weakest link.  So yeah since they stopped (sort of) feeling the need to refer to the events of The Avengers 24/7, they’ve been able to tell some pretty cool stories of their own.  There’s definitely room to grow but I’m excited to continue watching and see how the show evolves from here.

The Originals – This spinoff from The Vampire Diaries is actually making me like it better than its parent show.  VD started out being about a love triangle between a teenage girl and 2 vampire brothers, and while other things happen on the show, that part is still very much at the core of it.  It can get old after a while.  The Originals, however, has taken the vampire thing and made it a cool twisty soapy piece that’s part political drama, part revenge story, part family drama.  It’s all within the supernatural framework of vampires and witches and werewolves, oh my! but I find the story much more compelling than “I loved your brother but then he got mean so now I love you and you’re a bad boy but I still care about your brother especially when he’s good and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.”  Sorry about that, I fell asleep just thinking of how boring VD can get.  So if you watched Vampire Diaries but gave up because Elena got more whiny than you could bear, you may want to check out The Originals.  It has so far kept love triangles on the DL and focused more on vampire power plays in modern day New Orleans.  Fun stuff!

klaus and marcel on the originals

Plus prettyyyyyyyy

The Crazy Ones – While Sarah Michelle Gellar hasn’t really been given a whole lot to do, I am enjoying this comedy because Robin Williams makes me happy.  Plus any scene with him and James Wolk is usually hilarious.  Even Hamish Linklater, who was just the worst on The Newsroom (EFF YOU JERRY DANTANA) is pretty entertaining.  I will continue to watch it and hope that it continues to improve.

The Tomorrow People – To be fair, I’ve only watched the pilot of this one, but I liked it so much I wrote a post about why you should check it out, so I”m leaving it under The Good even though it’s based on one episode.

Masters of Sex – Same with The Tomorrow People except I didn’t even write a post about this one.  I’ve only watched one episode so far but I really liked it.  The only reason I haven’t been keeping up is because I keep trying to get my fiance to watch it with me but he’s just not so sure he wants to keep going.  So I’ll probably catch up on all the eps this weekend and then maybe write about it if I need to change this opinion.

The Mediocre/Forgotten:

Trophy Wife – I enjoy Malin Ackerman and the 2 first wives’ performances are usually entertaining, but this show just hasn’t gotten “next level” yet.  I’m going to keep watching, but I understand why some people aren’t crazy about it.  For me, I find it just pleasant and funny enough that it’s worth throwing in with my other Tuesday night comedies (New Girl and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the only other Tues comedies that I actually watch the night they air).

Back in the Game – I enjoy Maggie Lawson and James Caan’s super crotchety old man thing makes me laugh.  I only put it under mediocre because I don’t feel comfortable talking it up for everyone.  It’s either something you would like or it’s not…it’s not some huge breakout comedy that everybody should be talking about.  I enjoy half hour comedies done right (or just done “okay”) because they’re fun and uplifting after a long day and they don’t take long to watch.  Escapist television, people.  It’s a great thing.

Mom – I think I’ve watched one episode…maybe two.  It’s just getting lost in the many other shows there are to watch.

Sleepy Hollow – I wrote that recap of the second episode and then I just never could get motivated to watch any more of the show.  I’m sure I will though…eventually.

The Goldbergs – I watched one episode and did not like it, so I deleted it off my DVR and forgot about it.  But I’m not putting it under “Bad” because my friend was talking it up and he doesn’t usually like comedies.  I don’t know if this means I shouldn’t trust his opinion on comedies…I mean he doesn’t even watch Community or Parks and Recreation for heaven’s sake…but he usually has a reason for thinking things are good, even though I don’t always agree.  So I may go and watch the latest episode which was allegedly great.  If I do, and if I end up liking it, I’m sure I’ll write something about it.  If I still hate it, I will just tell my friend that he’s freaking crazy and wouldn’t know a good comedy if it came up to him and shoved a pie in his face.

the goldbergs

Better than it looks…?

The Bad:

Super Fun Night – For some reason I’ve watched 3 full episodes of this show.  It’s bad, it’s just BAD.  Rebel Wilson has been funny in movies but she is in no way funny on this show.  It’s just sad, these 3 women lamenting their lack of love lives and how hard it is to find a date…ugh.  Can’t take it.

Left to Premiere (this year):

Almost Human – This will premiere on Nov. 17 and I believe is about cops that work with robot cops…I don’t think it looks that good, but I believe it’s on my list because it has J.J. Abrams’ name on it.  I could be wrong, but that doesn’t sound like me.

Left to Premiere (2014):

Star-Crossed – Premieres January 1 (really?) on The CW and I have no idea what it’s about.  Judging from the title…a modern day Romeo and Juliet?  Maybe once it premieres I’ll remember why I thought it looked worth checking out.

The 100 – Also set to premiere on January 1 on The CW…I think it’s about people that left the planet coming back to it…maybe…

Intelligence – Premiering February 24th (allegedly), this show stars Josh Holloway.  You may know him as Sawyer from Lost.  Much like James Spader with The Blacklist, Josh Holloway is all I need to know to check out this show.  But for different reasons.  James Spader is an excellent actor.  Josh Holloway isn’t bad either, but his appeal is more of the physical kind.

josh holloway

Hubba hubba!!!

Resurrection – This is set to premiere March 9th…which may as well mean it will never be on TV at all.  That is so far beyond “mid-season” that I don’t have a good feeling for this show, especially since I can’t remember a darn thing about it.  OH wait this may be about a kid that his parents thought was dead but he comes back to life…?  Could be too depressing of a premise.  We shall see!

So there you have it: that’s where I stand on this TV season’s newest offerings.  And that’s also a quick list of what I’m going to look out for in the next few months even though January still feels like way too far away to care.  I’m sure there are other shows premiering at mid-season, but those are all the ones showing in my app at this time.  Any new shows that I’m not watching that I really should be?  Tell me in the comments!