I’ve started and quit several blogs over the years, finding that my passion for reading all the time didn’t quite translate into passion for writing all the time.  Content creation is exhausting, especially when you’re trying to write something high quality that people will really be interested in.
So what’s different about this blog attempt?  Well I figured out that content creation is only exhausting when it’s not something that you’re passionate about.  When a blog becomes simply an outlet for your inner monologue, it’s a lot easier to finish a post.  My problem in the past has been that I didn’t necessarily want to put my uncensored thoughts out there for several reasons:
1) I’ve never really been able to convince myself that my thoughts are soo interesting that people will just be dying to read them.  This is why I don’t post to Facebook on a daily basis and I only have a Twitter account to check out the things that other people are saying/linking to.  I think I’m super interesting, but I’m really not counting on others to feel the same.
2) My uncensored thoughts can be BAD.  Like MEAN.  I already have a hard time filtering myself; the last thing I need to do is immortalize on the Internet the insensitive/hurtful/immature/stupid things that go through my head.
3) Lack of focus.  I have a lot of interests.  They mainly fall into a few main categories, but whenever I try to pick just one, I get distracted by others, and I get bored sticking with just one thing.
I’m going to overcome all that by writing for my own entertainment first.  If I’m interested in writing something, I’ll do it, and even if I’m the only one that ever enjoys it, well at least I can entertain myself, if no one else.  As for the uncensored thoughts, at least I can proofread what I write and try to cut out anything that’s too crazy bad or that might make me a really unattractive job candidate one day.  Then we come to the lack of focus…I’m just going to embrace that.  I really love TV and books, and I’ve really gotten into home decor lately.  I’m not going to make this a blog about just one of those things…because those blogs already exist.
There are a hundred different sites that review TV shows, there’s Book Riot for books, there are plenty of blogs where people post about their DIY projects and home organization tips…I’m just going to try and do it all.  Screw having a focus!  I’ll just categorize each post so people can read the posts on topics they care about and skip the others.  And by “people”, I mean ME, because I have to assume I’ll be the only one that cares about the craaazy thoughts that go through my head.
So here goes.  My random miscellaneous blog with no real purpose but hopefully some fun stuff to read.  As if you don’t have enough to do.