Here’s a quick list of new stuff on TV this week that I’ll be watching, both brand new shows and season premieres of old favorites.  Most things have already premiered by now, so it’s sort of light as far as new shows go.

Monday, Oct. 7

Hart of Dixie – The season 3 premiere of this charming little CW show starts tonight.  If you’re a fan of Rachel Bilson and you are looking for some light fun fare on Monday nights, this one is worth checking out.  If you’re not from the Deep South, you may find these characters Southern accents believable.  If you are or have actually been in the South at any point, however, just try to ignore the fact that no one in that supposedly Southern town actually sounds very Southern.  I don’t know what’s harder to believe, the accents or Rachel Bilson as a doctor/surgeon.  It’s a suspension of disbelief all around, is what I’m saying.

That white coat really works wonders to make her look like a real

That white coat really works wonders to make her look like a real doctor…lol

Tuesday, Oct. 8

The Originals – The series premiere of this show was last week, but just want to note that it’s moving to Tuesdays for the rest of the season, so take note if you are one of those rare creatures who watches TV live as opposed to recording the season on your DVR.

Supernatural – Season 9 of this awesome show starts this week and I am very very excited.  I wouldn’t recommend trying to start watching this one now if you haven’t been watching all along – there is just too much history between the main characters.  This is one that is worth going back and watching from the beginning.  It’s a show based on the premise that pretty much all monsters and angels and demons are real, but the show is really about the relationship between the two brothers who hunt these monsters to protect innocent people.  Plus they are HOT.  It is the CW, after all.  Only pretty people allowed.  Also try not to be confused by the fact that Dean from Gilmore Girls is on the show…with a brother named Dean.  His name is Sam here.  You’ll get used to it eventually.

winchester brothers are hot

See? Hot!  Look at that smolder.

Wednesday, Oct. 9

The Tomorrow People – I’ve already forgotten what this show is about and why I’m watching it, so I’ll steal from the IMDb description: “The story of several young people from around the world who represent the next stage in human evolution, possessing special powers, including the ability to teleport and communicate with each other telepathically. Together they work to defeat the forces of evil.”  So yeah if that sounds up your alley, go for it!  It stars D.B. from 1600 Penn, if you happened to see that show.  Anyway, you can pretty much count on more pretty people on this one as well.

Sunday, Oct. 13

The Walking Dead – This show often has a weird schedule, so take note that it returns on Sunday.  Zombies, just in time for Halloween!

That does it for season/series premieres this week!  Check out last week’s post for a list of everything else that I’ll be watching.