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katherine pierce vampire diaries

I’m a delight. Really. People love my charming disposition.

I am terribly late with this recap, but I have such a good excuse.  This week is Collection Week for Operation Christmas Child so last weekend I was busy getting my shoeboxes put together and all this week I've been [...]

supernatural crowley bitch face

This is his “I hate being called their bitch” face

The latest episode of Supernatural contains a case of the week, an update on the whole angels falling to earth thing, and a check in with what Castiel has been up to lately.  In other words, there's a LOT going [...]

jeremy gilbert’s giant arms

This week's episode had a LOT going on, so bear with me as I try to recap all of it and make sense of it. Katherine is chowing down, celebrating being alive, when the waitress comments on her hair.  Katherine [...]

vampire diaries monster’s ball elena crying on campus

I like to cry where everyone can see my pain

This week I've decided to do a Vampire Diaries recap.  I may make it a regular thing, who knows?  So here we go, a review of The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 5, "Monster's Ball"! OMG the Vampire Diaries has [...]

why you should watch the tomorrow people

Wondering if you should watch the CW's new show, The Tomorrow People?  Well it may help you decide to know that it's brought to you by Greg Berlanti and Julie Plec.  Berlanti's work you may know from the Political Animals [...]

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