please make me care about these people

The Walking Dead – “Us” post image

You know, for a show about the zombie apocalypse, The Walking Dead sure can be boring. As glad as I am that the characters are all moving towards the same destination, I wish they could get there just a little [...]

The Walking Dead – The Grove post image

I was going to recap the latest episode of The Walking Dead, but turns out I didn't have much to say.  Below is my running inner monologue during the episode: I've been warned that the first half of this episode is super [...]

The Walking Dead – “Alone” post image

This episode starts off with a flashback to Bob before he joined up with Rick's group.  He was basically sleepwalking through life in a haze of cough syrup.  I'm not sure if we really needed this flashback.  I guess we'll [...]

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