vampire diaries

katherine pierce vampire diaries

I’m a delight. Really. People love my charming disposition.

I am terribly late with this recap, but I have such a good excuse.  This week is Collection Week for Operation Christmas Child so last weekend I was busy getting my shoeboxes put together and all this week I've been [...]

jeremy gilbert’s giant arms

This week's episode had a LOT going on, so bear with me as I try to recap all of it and make sense of it. Katherine is chowing down, celebrating being alive, when the waitress comments on her hair.  Katherine [...]

vampire diaries monster’s ball elena crying on campus

I like to cry where everyone can see my pain

This week I've decided to do a Vampire Diaries recap.  I may make it a regular thing, who knows?  So here we go, a review of The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 5, "Monster's Ball"! OMG the Vampire Diaries has [...]

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