Wondering if you should watch the CW’s new show, The Tomorrow People?  Well it may help you decide to know that it’s brought to you by Greg Berlanti and Julie Plec.  Berlanti’s work you may know from the Political Animals miniseries, Eli Stone, Dirty Sexy Money, Everwood, Dawson’s Creek, etc.  Julie Plec is best known for The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, which are both great, but you may not have seen them if you’re ya know not into the whole vampire-teen romance thing.  Which is understandable, if you think too hard about it, it gets really icky when a 100+ year old is all “hey girl” to a seventeen year old.  But anyway, this show is not like that.  I’m going to tell you about the pilot, and there are some spoilers but I leave enough out that you should still watch the first episode if you want to watch the show.  Because I’m basically ignoring half the characters right now.

Out of these 4 main characters I talk about one of them...the one in the front.  We'll get to the rest of them later, maybe.

Out of these 4 main characters I talk about one of them…the one in the front. We’ll get to the rest of them later, maybe.

It’s about a guy named Stephen and how he thinks he’s just got really bad sleepwalking issues and hears voices so he takes medication…but then he finds out he has special powers and is part of a group of people that call themselves “Tomorrow People”…and then they’re all “we didn’t choose the name” to blow past how RIDICULOUS that term is.  It’s really very similar to the X-Men idea only X-Men is like a 3 billion times cooler name.

Don’t let the ridicutarded name turn you off though.  It’s actually a very interesting show.  Everything looks great, the pilot really fleshes out the story and the characters and got me very intrigued to see where it’s going next.  It surprised me, which is rare since I watch all the scripted TV (except the stuff that I deem crappy) and can usually see plot twists coming a mile away.  The fact that they managed to surprise me in the very first episode bodes well for the level of creativity in the writing going forward.

So more about the plot:  Stephen’s mom may seem familiar to you and that’s because she played Nina on 24.  I can only hope that she doesn’t turn out to be a Russian spy in this show, because A) PREDICTABLE and B) it wouldn’t really make much sense.  Don’t ask me to explain how something can be both predictable and make no sense.  It just can okay?!?!?

The face of evil...usually...on TV

The face of evil…usually…on TV

Stephen gets sort of recruited/initiated by the Tomorrow People because now that he’s showing his powers, they think he can be helpful to them…because his dad was “the strongest of them all” (and is now…dead? Disappeared?).  And this is where we learn why our protagonist is so special!  GENETICS!  Ah to win that DNA lottery and be special just by being born…it’s a rare privilege but sadly one that usually comes with a lot of irritation…on TV anyway.  I think in real life it just comes with a bunch of money.  But you know what they say: mo’ money, mo’ problems.  Of course “no money, mo’ problems” also works soo…I’d rather have the money if I have to have the problems either way.  At least then you can buy your way out of a bunch of problems.  Anyway…

Why do the Tomorrow People (okay I’m just gonna call them TP even though it brings to mind toilet paper because it’s exhausting typing all that out over and over) even need Stephen’s help?  Because of course there’s a section of evil government people called Ultra trying to make them extinct.  And it’s run by….LUCIFER!!!  Okay really it’s Mark Pellegrino, who played Lucifer on Supernatural (or you may know him as Jacob on Lost), but I am just really going to enjoy referring to him as Lucifer throughout the run of the show.  Because it’s fun.  And appropriate – he’s bad.  But FYI his actual name on the show is Jedekiah.  I don’t know if that spelling is correct because that’s a batshit crazy name that sounds like it should be in the Bible.

Oh FYI I referred to the TP as being similar to X-Men earlier…but with one big difference.  The X-Men all had different powers resulting from their mutations, whereas TP all have the 3 T’s: teleportation, telepathy, and telekinesis.  I feel like those are 3 pretty good powers in general – who needs to be able to fly if you can just teleport?  They are also similar to the X-Men (at least the ones that think like Magneto) in that they feel like they’re better than humans, calling themselves homosuperiors as opposed to homosapiens.  Hilarious.  You should also know that they’re physically unable to kill people.  Which is pretty cool.

We learn during this episode when Lucifer visits Stephen’s house that he’s actually STEPHEN’S UNCLE.  Which actually makes SO MUCH SENSE.  It’s Harry Potter’s Aunt Petunia and Harry’s mom all over again.  Lily got the witch powers and Petunia was all normal and she got all bitchy and resentful about it.  Same deal: Lucifer is all normal while his brother was a TP and he’s like boohoo I want to be special too…but I’m just gonna try to kill all of your kind instead.  Because that’s healthy.

Lucifer shows Stephen a video of his dad dying in a car explosion which looks OH SO FAKE.  Earlier in the episode Stephen had seen a video his dad made for him and he had a flashback involving his dad and both times his dad was urging him not to believe everything he sees.  So obviously his dad didn’t die in some bogus car explosion.  DON’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU SEE, STEPHEN.  Duh.

Lucifer uses this to basically threaten Stephen’s family if he doesn’t work for him/Ultra because he’s all “I would hate to see this happen to you” which nobody believes at all.

Ever since you played Lucifer, this face has no longer looked trustworthy to me

Ever since you played Lucifer, this face has no longer looked trustworthy to me

So at the end of the episode Stephen decides that he’s going to go all double agent to get close to Lucifer and find out what really happened to his dad.  I’m definitely interested to see what happens from here.  Way more interesting than if he were to refuse Lucifer’s offer and just hang out with the TP.  That would be way too predictable of a path.  Immediately getting in bed with the enemy is something that doesn’t happen often enough on TV, and I for one can’t wait to see how it goes from here.  Clearly this show isn’t afraid to dive right in to the story.

So there you have it – hopefully that’s enough info for you to decide if the show is something you’re interested in or not.  For anyone that’s watched it already, what did you think?