WHAT?? I’m writing a post?? Hell must have frozen over!! Actually no, it’s just a 3-day weekend and I’ve finally found the time to add at least a little something to this darn blog. So for my 4 dedicated readers, you’re welcome. Please enjoy my short and sweet reactions to various parts of the last 4 episodes of Pretty Little Liars.

S4, Ep 16: Close Encounters

Girls, why are you still relying on GPS after “A” hacked yours in the last episode and left you stranded in the woods somewhat conveniently close to Ezra’s cabin? Okay fine so you don’t know Ezra is “A” yet and you think the car just mysteriously stopped…isn’t that enough reason to not want to go driving in the dark by yourselves to a place you’ve never been? No? Just me?

Um Aria what is up with that multicolored leopard print dress that you are wearing?? Bleah.

aria's crazy fashion

Seriously I am not a fan

Ezra, please stop trying to only see Aria at your creepy cabin, you creepy underage girl lover.

Wow Aria, when you’re breaking up with a guy for another much creepier guy, pulling out “we can still be friends” is just harsh.

LOL I love how when Aria gets home and realizes the guy she just dumped sent her a necklace with her name on it, it’s like NOW she feels bad. Not before when she was sleeping with her ex while still with this guy.

Meanwhile at the Hastings house, Spencer’s family is so fancy – picking out music for dinner? I had no idea that dinner needed a soundtrack.

Oh Hanna is rebounding so hard from her breakup with Caleb. Of course we all know the best way to get over one guy is to get under another! Except Hanna’s mom specifically says this is NOT the way. How sweet that Hanna’s mom is like one of only 2 concerned parents in the entire town of Rosewood.

Emily, you’re really putting a lot of thought into your “meeting Ali” outfit, leading me to believe you’d still really love to kiss her.

Hold up back at Spencer’s house, is there seriously like a waitress in uniform there for Spencer’s family dinner? That is insaaane.

Hanna’s mom takes her to work out her breakup sad feelings in a healthy way…at a place where you can just throw plates at a wall to work out your anger?? Is this a real thing?? Because that is AWESOME. (Apparently it WAS a real thing several years back in San Diego…not sure if there’s another one somewhere.)

If only Aria could hear the ominous music that we viewers can, she would know that picking Ezra was a VERY BAD CHOICE.

And to prove it, she and Ezra are eating cake with like chocolate syrup and whipped cream WITH THEIR HANDS. Who eats chocolate cake with their hands?? Get some forks you animals!

Seriously, this just looks awkward

Wowwww apparently Ezra put knives in Jake’s punching bag as punishment for telling Aria about his angry little outburst on the street. That is diabolical!

And in the final scene I guess Shana should really watch out for “A” since he’s setting her picture on fire. Can’t be a good sign.

S4, Ep 17: Bite Your Tongue

Finally, Emily is learning not to rely on technology that can be hacked…better to bike in the rain than drive a car that A can shut down at any time.

Hmmm who is Ezra texting about Alison?

Spencer is totally creepy hitting Andrew up for some study drugs…also how is this the first time she’s tried some illicit study aid? She’s been totally distracted from school for 2 years and she’s trying to get into Ivy League type schools…seems like she would have been desperate before now.

Honestly Emily, why would you ever sleep with a window open after being stalked by a psycho for 2 years?

And finally Spencer is realizing that Ezra is totally the guy in Ali’s story ahhh and it’s Board Shorts ale!! Ezra is officially Board Shorts! Which means that maybe that’s who Ali is scared of…maybe. She seems to have a lot of enemies.

Honestly Emily is always in the creepiest situations…why would you agree to be in the school after dark making copies by yourself? Like ALWAYS insist on having someone with you at all times, girl. You have a very very bad history.

Haha love that the announcement sign in the school tells her “Act normal, bitch!” because that makes it easier to calm down.

Wow Emily’s dad is bad ass climbing a drain pipe to get to her, which officially makes him the other parent (of 2 total) in Rosewood that cares about his kid.

I’m just wondering what the mysterious hooded person would have done to Emily if he had gotten to her in time before she made it out the window…is murder the goal? If so, why?

Am I the only one who finds the tiny message that was put in Hanna’s mouth at the dentist hilarious? I mean it’s super freaky for her, but I’m just like who in the world thinks up such a bizarre way to send a message?

toothy message from A

Yes, this is the look you should have when somebody pulls a note out of your mouth

I’m so sick of these girls finding clues and not sharing them with each other. If there’s even the tiniest chance in Spencer’s mind that Ezra is A/Board Shorts, then she should tell Aria IMMEDIATELY especially since she knows that she’s still in love with him. COME ON BE A REAL FRIEND.

S4, Ep 18: Hot For Teacher

The more of these episodes I watch in a row, the less that stands out to me. Maybe I’m just accepting their crazy world as realistic after extended exposure. Scary.

Hilarious things Hanna said this episode:
“A gave us an order, in my mouth”
“My head feels like it’s full of hot ice cubes” (What in the world does a hot ice cube feel like? I NEED TO KNOW)

I feel like a very Saved by the Bell moment is going to happen for Spencer soon with her Adderall experimentation. (In case you don’t get the reference, here it is.)

I’m really jealous of Spencer just having $50 in cash on her, no big deal. I’m a grown woman and I rarely have that much cash on me at any given time.

pretty little liars hot for teacher

Oh sure, here’s $50, I’ll take my drugs now, kthx

Finally, we see what’s beneath Ezra’s sketchy murder-cabin-trap-door…apparently it’s his new Stalker Central. My question is who’s taking all these photos of the girls for him? He has a pretty sweet real-time setup of notifications on what they are doing…which seems highly unrealistic. But then he has proven himself to be somewhat adept with technology (GPS hacking) and he is rich, so maybe he actually just has cameras literally all over town on an automated system based on facial recognition…?

S4, Ep 19: Shadow Play

shadow play pll

Oh fun, a black and white noir episode! Basically all I took away from this one was it was a chance for the girls to get dressed up in old-timey outfits with great hair in Spencer’s drug-addled imagination so her sleep-deprived brain could figure out that some of the pages in Ali’s diary were slightly changed to throw them off the trail. Basically it seemed like an excuse to slow the story down so we could have one more episode before Aria gets clued in that Ezra is EzrA.

Oh and also Hanna said this:
“This is all about the A-ness of things.” Say it out loud and it’s hilarious. Seriously, best part of the episode.

Until next time…