If you’re like me, obsessed with Joss Whedon and a huge huge huge fan of Buffy, then you’ll love going through this list on Buzzfeed:

Ranking Every Episode of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”

With 7 seasons to go through, I admire the dedication involved in trying to rank every single episode.  I don’t agree with the exact order in places but for the most part I think he got it right.

I recently rewatched Seasons 4-7 (because a friend was watching for the first time and I wanted to refresh my memory) but this list makes me want to go back and watch Seasons 2 and 3 again.  They truly are my favorites.

If you haven’t seen Buffy, I cannot recommend strongly enough that you watch it.  It’s not just a show about vampires before Twilight ruined vampires for all of us, it’s an amazing look at what it means to be human.  From the struggles of being a teen, entering adulthood, understanding that adults don’t always make the right decisions, and dealing with things that you have no power to change or prevent, Buffy covers it all over its 7 seasons.  Like all TV shows, there are good episodes, bad episodes, and great ones (hence the list ranking them), but I will go so far as to guarantee that you won’t regret giving this show a try.  So go get started!  All 7 seasons are available for instant streaming on Netflix.