It’s another big week in TV!  After this week I have on my schedule another 8 or 9 shows coming back/premiering this year, then a slight break in debuts until a handful of mid-season shows premiere in January.  Basically with as many channels as we have now, there’s rarely a slow time in television except around the holidays.  Networks always put on reruns around holidays so their ratings don’t drop while people are preoccupied with holiday cheer and whatnot.  So if you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the TV out there and you have the DVR space, remember you can always record a show and then save it for that holiday stretch when everything will be reruns.

Below is my schedule for this week.  I’m only mentioning things that are on my radar and that I may or may not check out.  It’s definitely not a comprehensive list of everything that’s on TV.  If you need help keeping up with the schedule of new episodes for shows that I don’t watch, I recommend downloading an app like iTV Shows.  It tells you when the next new episode of a show is so you don’t miss it.  That app is on iOS, not sure about other platforms.

I’ll also add some brief thoughts about new shows I watched this past week.

Anyway without further ado, here’s what’s on this week!

Blue = Series Premiere (NEW)

Red = Season Premiere

Today (Sunday)

BREAKING BAD FINAL EPISODE – There is so much else on tonight but this is the only thing that matters.  I have no idea how it’s going to end, only that it’s going to be insane.  On a slightly related note, I enjoyed Aaron Paul promoting the last episode on last night’s SNL.  I think this part’s my favorite (he said BITCH, bitch!):

Bob’s Burgers – This will probably serve as a palate cleanser after watching the craziness that is Breaking Bad’s finale.  If I can even emotionally handle anything after that.  Who knows, I may just be a puddle on the floor…I DON’T KNOW WHAT VINCE GILLIGAN IS CAPABLE OF AT THIS POINT

Family Guy

Homeland – Season 3 begins!  I just can’t care while Breaking Bad is still on.  I’ll maybe care about this tomorrow.  

Revenge – Saw some intense previews this week.  Not sure why they’re giving us probably the most dramatic thing that happens right up front.  Make me earn it, Revenge.  Just giving away the milk instead of making me buy the cow.  It’s probably a desperate attempt to get people to return after last year’s disastrous and overly complicated season.

Masters of Sex – As I mentioned last week, really looking forward to this one.  Heard good things.  More thoughts later!


How I Met Your Mother – The first couple episodes actually weren’t bad.  Apparently this entire season is going to take place over Robin and Barney’s wedding weekend, which will probably get old soon.  They are going to need a LOT of flashbacks and flash forwards to make such a short timeline stretched over 22 episodes bearable.  So far, I like The Mother.  That’s one good thing that will keep me watching for sure.

2 Broke Girls

Sleepy Hollow – I find this one fun to recap.  In case you missed it, I did a full recap on episode 2 of this craziness.

Mom – Wasn’t particularly wowed by the first episode of this.  I don’t feel strongly about it enough to remove it from the record list so it stays for now.


The Blacklist – This had a very intriguing first episode.  I am very excited to see how this show plays out.  I like the FBI chick and I love the mystery they’ve set up about her husband.  No idea what James Spader’s endgame is but I am definitely all-in on finding out!


Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD – I already gave my thoughts on the first episode of this one as well.  Looking forward to episode 2!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

New Girl

The Goldbergs – I was not super into this one.  I may not watch another episode given all the other things I have on the DVR right now.  We’ll see…

The Mindy Project

Trophy Wife – Haven’t watched yet.  🙁

Lucky 7 – Haven’t watched this one yet either.  Soon, though.  SOON.

Sons of Anarchy – AlmostHusband and I agreed to save up a few episodes of this and watch them in a row.  That way we’ll only be depressed for one afternoon instead of multiple days.  I still want to see what happens on the show but it’s just not FUN to watch anymore.


The Middle 

Back in the Game – I actually laughed out loud while watching the first episode of this one last week.  Maybe I was just in a good mood, but I think this may actually be a very fun, entertaining comedy.  We’ll see how the second episode goes.

Modern Family 

Super Fun Night – New show starring Rebel Wilson.  She’s weird and funny…that’s the only reason this is on my list.  I haven’t heard good things about the show.  But I like to check things out for myself.

Nashville – The premiere episode was tons of soapy goodness as usual.  Thank goodness for the Rayna flashbacks while she was in her coma – I just don’t think I could watch the show with Rayna unconscious the whole time.

The Bridge – I have 3 unwatched episodes on my DVR right now.  I just can’t motivate myself to watch right now.  This is probably a bad sign for The Bridge’s chances of staying on my record list.

Key & Peele – Haven’t watched any of the new episodes.  But I will!  Eventually.

The League – Last week’s episode was such a disappointment since it was basically all Dirty Randy and Rafi.  I find those characters funny but it’s called The League not Weirdo Peripheral Characters on a Road Trip.


Parks and Rec – Actually haven’t gotten around to watching the premiere yet.  I’m ashamed, but there’s only so many hours in the day.

The Big Bang Theory – Always funny.  Love this show.

The Originals – Vampire Diaries spinoff featuring Klaus and his family of original vampires.  There was a backdoor pilot for this one towards the end of last season’s VD (unfortunate abbreviation of the title but I’m not going to type out the full thing all the time) which was apparently good enough to proceed with the show.  I’m looking forward to giving this one a chance, mostly because everyone on The CW is insanely hot.  Sometimes you just wanna zone out and stare at the pretty people ya know?



The Vampire Diaries – Don’t know what to expect from this season.  Hoping for less of Elena’s EMOTIONS (they have to be in all caps because she has so many and they’re so strong except for when she shuts them off because they are just TOO MUCH) and more…something that doesn’t revolve around Elena.  Fingers crossed!

Grey’s Anatomy – Watched the premiere, 2 hours of hospital drama, same old same old.  Still can’t stop watching it.

The Crazy Ones – Finally got around to seeing the pilot of this one.  I enjoyed it quite a bit.  Whether or not you like it probably depends on how much you like Robin Williams.  I like him, so I liked the show.  It’s not perfect, but pilots never are, so I’ll keep watching and see how it develops.  A lot of laughs in the initial episode came from guest star Kelly Clarkson (I’ve had “It ain’t the meat, it’s the motion!” stuck in my head ever since) so hopefully they can give the actual regular cast more to do in later episodes.  For your viewing pleasure, a clip from the episode:

Scandal – Thrilled this is back and can’t wait to see the fallout from the world learning that Olivia Pope is the President’s mistress.  Such a great show with brilliant acting.  


Shark Tank – Last week’s episode had Daymond (yay!) and Lori (boo).  From previews of this week’s episode, it looks like we’re getting the Lori and Barbara double female package again.  I’m not a big fan of Lori, but I do like that they’re at least having episodes with both women this season.  Don’t know why they always seemed to have the “one chick only” rule before.  I suspect it has less to do with gender and more to do with the popularity of the other 4 sharks honestly, but sometimes I just need to satisfy my inner feminist.


SNL – Last week’s (last night’s) premiere episode with Tina Fey hosting was pretty awesome.  Apparently there are a bunch of new cast members and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the sketches last night.  It’s probably just Tina Fey’s influence though so I don’t have high hopes for the second episode’s host, Miley Cyrus.  But who knows, maybe it could be a really entertaining train wreck.  I expect at least one joke about being naked on a wrecking ball or making out with power tools or something.

And that does it for this week!  What will you be watching?