First of all, don’t be confused – this is not a recap or review of last night’s episode of Trophy Wife.  (But if I were to review it, I would say it’s fun and has funny moments, but don’t get too attached because it will probably be canceled soon.  I like it though!)

No, this is a desperate plea for someone, anyone to find me the tshirt that Malin Ackerman was wearing on the show last night.  I WANT THIS SHIRT SO BAD.  I don’t know why, I just think it’s cool and I need it now.

I want it so much that I watched the episode on Hulu with my finger hovering over the screenshot button so I could capture some decent pictures of this shirt.

trophy wife tshirt blue with feathers

Here’s the front…obviously it’s the blue one on the left. Not whatever the heck she’s wearing on the right.

trophy wife blue tshirt slits in back

Here’s the back…see? So cute!

trophy wife cool tshirt

And the front closer up…


If anyone can find this shirt for me to buy, I will be forever grateful!  I would offer something more concrete but hey, I don’t know what you want.  And anyway, it’s always better to have people owe you a favor for the future instead of cashing in immediately for something dumb.  So I am offering an “IOU” to be cashed in at any point in the future and you can hold me to it by referencing this blog post.  It’s written proof.  Practically a contract.  And in that spirit I should add that I won’t do anything illegal or incredibly gross.  The definition of gross will be determined by me.

Now somebody figure out where I can get this thing!