This episode starts off with a flashback to Bob before he joined up with Rick’s group.  He was basically sleepwalking through life in a haze of cough syrup.  I’m not sure if we really needed this flashback.  I guess we’ll find out later in the episode if this part is significant.  I appreciate the effort of the writers to start throwing in flashbacks to try and flesh out the characters, actually make them people that we can care about.  It’s a nice effort.  The problem with it is that they’re not that good at it.  And when that’s the case, the episode ends up being more boring than deeply insightful.

Bob, Maggie, and Sasha are standing in a circle in the fog fighting off walkers.  It’s a good thing everyone in the zombie apocalypse is such a good shot.  They are certainly shooting bullets rather closely to their friends’ heads.  Friendly fire may be a reality in war zones, but not in the zombie apocalypse.  Nobody ever gets accidentally shot in this world.

The idea of weather (the fog) being a factor makes me wonder about other parts of the country.  Like in the north, when it gets really cold, do zombies freeze?  Or are they Game of Thrones type zombies who are completely unaffected by cold?  In Arizona in the summer, do zombies smell worse than in other places due to the extreme heat cooking their dead flesh at a higher temperature?  Is it bad that I find wondering about zombies in different weather conditions more interesting than the show?  Probably.

Daryl is teaching Beth how to track.  They have remarkably clear weather.  Sooo are these 2 groups supposed to be experiencing these things at the same time?  Does Georgia’s weather vary wildly within a 30 mile radius?

Oh yay, everyone is starting to head towards Terminus so all these separate storylines can hopefully end soon.  I am usually an optimistic person and I would like to believe that Terminus really is a sanctuary.  But I’m more inclined to go with Sasha – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, especially in the zombie apocalypse and even more in The Walking Dead’s version of it.  That being said, I can’t really understand her reluctance to even give it a chance.  Finding a building and holing up somewhere is certainly a safe option, but then what?  That option is basically just waiting to die.  There has to be some kind of end goal, something to hope for.  Terminus may be too good to be true, but at least it’s something to go on, however small the chance is that it could actually deliver on the promise on those signs.

And on that note of too good to be true, the house that Daryl and Beth find with the stash of food without a speck of dust on it definitely falls into that category.  The herd of walkers showing up at the door was totally suspicious and my suspicions were confirmed when Beth was apparently kidnapped by someone.  (She was TAKEN!  Where is Liam Neeson when you need him??)  Oh yes, there are still good people in the world, but there are far more terrible ones.  We have to face the fact that the apocalypse is very likely going to bring out the worst in many people.  The Walking Dead so far has been remarkably light on violence against women.  It seems that is about to change.  Daryl meeting up with the group that Rick encountered certainly points to that as well.  These are the same guys who found Michonne’s shirt and were discussing who got to go first when she came back.  I can only hope that Daryl stays with them only long enough to find an opportunity to get away.  I can’t stand the thought of them doing something terrible and him just standing by and watching.  That would be the worst.

The end of the episode comes full circle with Bob’s all-alone theme song (which I quite enjoy) and then him being joined by Sasha and Maggie.  Bob doesn’t need to be alone anymore, yay!  It’s all a bit on the nose for me, but again, I appreciate the effort.  They’re really trying to make this show more than just “grrr, argh, zombie bite you’re dead!” and hey, practice makes perfect.  Keep trying, writers.

Next week (tonight) on The Walking Dead, we’re back to Tyreese, Carol, and the little girls and I can’t help but think, “Who cares?”  I don’t know why I don’t find this combination of people all that interesting…maybe because it includes baby Judith and any part of Rick’s DNA makes me want to change the channel?  Or because the little girl who likes to carve up bunnies and tries to suffocate babies just isn’t all that fun to watch?  Maybe it’s the awkwardness of Tyreese still not knowing that it was Carol who killed his girlfriend and the inevitable heavy-handed references to it that are bound to ensue make me tired of it before it even begins?  All of the above?

I’m fully ready to take back that last paragraph if tonight’s episode actually interests me.  Maybe I’ll write about it tomorrow, we’ll see.  Maybe the real reason I was so disappointed to see that group in the previews for next week is because the separate storylines of everyone that survived the prison shootout are so disjointed and kill any momentum that we get with any group of characters.  I was just starting to get into what will happen next on the road to Terminus and with Daryl and Beth, and then they completely switch gears to people we haven’t seen in weeks and I just don’t care about what’s going on with them right now.  These people need to be brought back together in a cohesive story SOON.