I was going to recap the latest episode of The Walking Dead, but turns out I didn’t have much to say.  Below is my running inner monologue during the episode:

I’ve been warned that the first half of this episode is super boring, so I’m fully prepared…to watch a little girl laugh and play with a walker.  Wait, what??  This little girl should just be killed off already.  She is clearly too stupid to survive this world.

Ugh seriously Lizzie, wanting to be like the walkers is freaking ridiculous.  Can she please get her wish already?  I’m so tired of watching this.

Blah Carol just tell Tyreese already that you killed his girlfriend.  I was tired of this plotline before it even began.

Ho. Ly. Shit.

Mini sociopath full on went mental and murdered her adorably sweet sister.  I find myself strangely relieved that she didn’t start with Judith.  Huh, maybe Rick’s kids aren’t all that bad as long as they can’t talk?

And of course Carol has to kill her, because what else do you do with a completely mental little girl who killed her sister and was about to do the same to a baby?

To sum up, I have mental powers and made Lizzie’s death happen with my mind.

Carol told Tyreese she killed his girlfriend.  Apparently gripping the table really hard is all you need to move past the murder of someone you love by someone you thought you could trust.

Tyreese is more forgiving than I am.

The End.